Anonymous said: so a bit of a twist to episode 5... finn and rae actually find each other at the rave before chloe kisses finn, but after rae kisses archie... they end up having sex somewhere in the building.





Finn felt his stomach drop as he saw Rae pulls Archie foward by his tshirt, kissing his lips.

“Fuck” he muttered to himself, feeling anger and hurt rage inside him. He was so sure after the oast few weeks that Rae may have felt the same? But now, now he felt like a fucking idiot. She hadn’t liked him at all. It was Archie from the very beginning.

He clenched his fists in anger as he grabbed another shot, downing it before heading to the back of the building, finding an empty basement, full of old boxes and broken speakers. He sat on one of the speakers before exhaling, wondering how he’d ended up falling in love with Rae. Letting himself succumb to her gorgeous dark hair, her infectious laugh and incredibly delicious curves. He groaned to himself, head in his hands feeling quite woozy and heartbroken all at once. It was then that he heard it, her shouting his name. Before he had a chance to react, the basement door swung open and in fell Rae. Her looked up at her, as she shut the door. She staggered towards him and he sighed, pissed off that his stomach did the same familiar clench at the sight of her. 

She pointed at him “I have ta tell ya” She slurred in a drunken daze.

He huffed, jumping off of the speaker, steadying her with his hands, guiding her to the speaker to sit down.

“I know ya kissed Archie, Rae. Ya don’t need to tell me” he grumbled, shoving his hands deep in his trouser pockets. He felt anger build in him at the thought of the next few weeks, having to endure them both all over eachother in front of him. He winced at the thought.

“Whaa? I din’t.. Archie’s ma mate!!!” She exclaimed waving her hands

He raised her eyebrows at her

“Izzy and Chlo’ are ma mates Rae, I don’t go ‘round stickin’ my tongue down their throats do I?” He snapped slightly, angrily running his hand through the back of his hair.

“Finn… I” Rae began, sobering up slightly. Was he jealous? She looked at his eyes to see them clouded with what looked like.. Hurt?

“Don’t bother Rae” He stated, sighing to himself.

Still sitting on the speaker, Rae leaned forward tugging Finn by his vest until he was stood in between her legs, their face inches apart and she had her arms wrapped around his shoulders. She rested her forehead on his before murmuring

“I love ya, ya daft pillock”

Finn moved his head slightly, looking her in the eyes

“You wha’?” He said, shock vibrating in his voice

“I’m in love wit’ ya Finn” Rae sighed, arms still resting on his shoulders.

To Rae’s suprise Finn quickly leant back in, kissing her lips furiously. She groaned in response as he stood between her legs, his hands running down her sides as he probed her mouth with his tongue, demanding access. She happily obliged, running her hands under his vest, feeling the delicate hairs on his stomach brush against her finger tips.

“Fuck Rae” Finn moaned against her lips as he pulled her hips into him, caressing her breasts through her dress as she shrugged off her glittery jacket.

“I.. I want ya to fuck me” Rae breathed as Finn’s kisses dropped to her neck.

“Rae, are ya sure.. I know your a..” He began but was hushed by her running her hands across his dented trousers, already hard from the pure contact with Rae. He grunted, pulling down her leggings, her lifting her bum up off the speaker to allow this. He pulled his own vest over his head before standing back between her legs, running his hands up her soft thighs, her scars rigged under his fingertips. She inhaled a sharp breath as his fingers glided along the material of her knickers

“I love ya too Rae, so much” he muttered against her cheek, as his fingers slide the flimsy material to the side, rubbing at the swollen wetness.

“S..sshit!” Rae breathed, running her hands down Finn’s bare chest as he pushed his hand against her, before sliding a finger inside of her, feeling her clenched around him. She gasped before reaching for his belt, undoing it and his jeans fell to the floor. He stepped out of them, not removing his finger from her. Using his other hand gently rubbed at her clit, watching as her eyes clamped shut at the overwhelming pleasure. He pulled away gently, knowing she was about to come. She opened her eyes, pulling Finn forward

“I need ya now Rae” He muffled into her hair as she pushed her hand into his boxers, shocked by his length. She pulled away, gulping slightly as he reached for his jeans, pulling out a condom. He discarded of his boxers before rolling it over himself, pulling Rae’s hips forward as he positioned himself between her legs.

“It’s gonna hurt for a bit, but I’ll be gently alright?” He looked at her for approval and she nodded desperately, pulling her dress over her head.

  He kissed her lips, putting his hand between them and rubbing her clit as he slowly pushed into her.

The sensation was eyewatering for Rae at first, the drink numbing her slightly.

Finn continued to rub at her clit everytime he pushed into her, making Rae clench, feeling both pleasure and pain at the same time.

Finn stuck his head in Rae’s shoulder, groaning slightly.

“Ya so tight Rae, I love ya” he murmured

After a few more thrusts and strokes from Finn, the feeling of him pushing into her gently became too much to bare.

“F..fuck, faster Finn” Rae stammered out, hearing him grunt and pick up speed, shoving himself in her deeper. Although there was still a slight stinging, she groaned out at the feeling of her and Finn being connected, the waves of pleasure building up in her stomach as his length pushed against her tightening walls.

Rae dragged her nails down his back, the speaker wobbling underneath them as Finn’s thrusts became frantic, needing them both to give in.

“Shit, shit come for me Rae” Finn gasped, kissing her lips as she gave into him, him drinking in her whimpers with his lips

“Mmphhh FUUUCK” Rae screamed, holding onto Finn as he grunted in her ear, declaring his love for her before spilling into her.

He held onto her tight until their breathes became even again. Pulling out of her, she looked up at him shyly through her eyelashes.

“Ey, don’t be shy” He smiled, kissing her lips.

“Ya beautiful Rae, I love ya.. I..i should have told ya before..” He began stammering before Rae put her finger to his lips.

“I know, me too”

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This is the one I was looking for! Thank you so much for finding it, fantasticab, bless ye! raefinnxo this is *world-class* angst/smut, and I’m off to reread all your other fics. I really hope you’ll write more, you do Rinn *so* well! Kristen xx busstop | i-dream-of-emus

It’s so cute how he’s trying to explain how to bowl to her the best he can, yet the entire time she actually knows how to do it. Cheeky, cheeky Rae!

He actually manages to make ‘mansplaining’ cute!

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Rae Earl Appreciation Week:

day four → funniest moment 

Sharon’s fake smile in gif 6 is hilarious! And the way she stretches her nose in the last one. That woman is comic genius.

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Dear Emus
Aaaaages ago I read an MMFD AU of the rave where Finn storms off after seeing Archie & Rae kiss, and hides in the basement, sulking. Rae searches for him and when she finds him she confesses her true feelings, and… sexy times on top of some speakers! Anyone recognise this one? Ta chucks!

Wax Wings part 3


Ok…part 3 is here! This took me way longer than I wanted it to, I was really busy in the few days after posting part 2 and then it took me a while to get back going with it but it’s finally all done! There’ll probably be one more part after this and I’m sorry in advance if it takes me a while, I’m off to au-pair for my aunt and uncle in germany again for 5 weeks on wednesday and I’ll have basically no time to write during the days but theoretically lots in the evenings…so we’ll see how it goes! Anyway eeeek, I really hope you like this part!

(Side note – we’re all just gonna pretend that Finn’s wearing his leather jacket in this…in part 2 I kind of accidentally made it that he just put the one he wore to the fair back on but we all know that this situation calls for the leather jacket sooo yeah. I kind of sort of wrote this as a joke but that merely happened in some parallel Finn universe hence why it’s not actually part of the fic ha!)

Previous parts can be found HERE :)

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Finn slammed the door of the car shut, key already in the ignition, and reversed haphazardly out of the drive. He paused for a minute, fingers drumming urgently on the steering wheel.  He was painfully lacking any kind of plan; no matter how determined he was that he’d find her. He didn’t seem to have any option but to head towards the town centre, and failing that, even further towards where the fair had been.

Worry ate away at him as he drove. He drove urgently, but slow enough to scan the pavements as he went. He didn’t even know where he was expecting to find her. It wasn’t really likely that he’d spot her from his car - he’d have to try a few places in the town centre. It crossed his mind suddenly that Saul might have taken her to his house, wherever that was, and he gripped the wheel even tighter. That didn’t even bear thinking about.

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Finn sighs disappointedly realizing the object of his affection is no longer lying next to him. The night before was an unpleasant pleasant sort of night, first Rae was being a complete knob to him saying she didn’t want to be his friend; then he found out about his nan, having his heart crushed twice in one night was something he could not handle, but then the not so unexpected happened, Rae found him as his emotions took over, she held him close to her, a silent ‘I’m here for you’ in each comforting touch.  He knew that was the type person she was, she had given up Knebworth for Chloe, she was caring and considerate and a fiercely loyal friend.

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This is lovely - there should be more Fizzy fic!

A Matter of Trust (Part 12/??)


A/N: Hello you beautiful people, you! Thank you so much for being so patient with this part. This summer has been crazy busy for me and I was kind of lacking in motivation but I pushed through and I think y’all will be pleased with this part. Or at least I really hope you will!

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Finn rang just after nine to make sure he was looking at the right time table. Rae grabbed her ticket off the counter and confirmed that she was arriving at the train station at 5:46 p.m. “You’re sure?” Finn asked for the third time. “For fuck’s sake, Finnley. Yes!” She heard a tiny snicker through the receiver and smiled warmly. They were silent for a minute before Finn told Rae he couldn’t wait to see her and hung up with a soft click. Rae’s heart skipped a beat as soon as she heard a dead line and bolted up the stairs to get ready for their meeting. Given all that had happened before her trip home, she was not expecting a date with Finn when she got back to university, meaning she didn’t pack anything that was worthy.

Is it a date? Does he still want that after everythin’ that happened?

She rifled through her closet searching for something that would work. She mostly had band t-shirts but that’s all she ever wore. She wanted something different. She found a burgundy skirt that she completely forgot she had and thought it would look wonderful with her new pea coat.

Now to find a top… I wonder if mum will let me borrow one…

“MUM!” Rae hollered out of her bedroom door so her mother could hear her from the kitchen.

“Yes, Rae?” She heard her mother say from the bottom of the stairs.

“Can I borrow a top?”

“For what?” Her mother teased.

“For… Uhh…”

“Oh, it’s alright, Rae.” Her mother’s laugh made its way up the stairs. “Of course you can. Just make sure it’s not one of my new ones.” She added turning back to the kitchen.


Rae pushed the door of her mom and Karim’s bedroom open and was met with the comfortable scent of Karim’s aftershave and her mom’s perfume. She smiled as she breathed in, the feeling of a warm blanket closing around her. She walked over to her mother’s walk-in closet and her mouth fell to the floor.

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This was great! That was a goooood first kiss! I also loved the blustery weather, really added to the atmosphere.

I have to wonder if Rae was looking Finn right in the eye and making him blush as she sang,

I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams
She says it’s lack of sex
That’s bringing me down


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The Promise - Emma Blackery:
Official Music Video starring Sophie Wright*

*Sophie ( sophiewrighty ) played Tix in My Mad Fat Diary.

Ciara is in this too, for about 3 seconds.

Oh yes! At the dining table - I’d never have spotted her!


"Please stay off the wall (or grass)" (X)

When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Actor.

Eric!!! My mate, a massive Man Utd fan, wrote this in my leaving book on the last day of uni, not long after Cantona had made this bizarre speech!


"Please stay off the wall (or grass)" (X)

When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Actor.

Eric!!! My mate, a massive Man Utd fan, wrote this in my leaving book on the last day of uni, not long after Cantona had made this bizarre speech!

This could definitely be Rae and Finn… Focus, woman, focus!

This could definitely be Rae and Finn… Focus, woman, focus!

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