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[1/2] locations: rae’s (old) bedroom

This takes me back - I had a few of those posters and knick knacks! I love how they’ve showed that Rae and her mum have never had much money - the kiddie wallpaper and the Care Bears duvet haven’t been replaced, they must be ten years old at least.

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best facial expressions award goes to Sharon Rooney, because these are still incredible and so funny. EVERY. TIME.

I can’t choose my favourite but I feel like it’s a super close call between “what guys” and “look, are you on drugs?” pffttttt

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The Museum of Museum Badges: I Heart the British Museum Badge


A controversial statement to some, but I really do “heart” the British Museum. It has it’s problems, but most of these stem from people applying modern values to things that happened when archaeology was just beginning, when there were no real rules.

My “hearting” of the BM is based on a…

Grayson Perry: Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman Badge


This badge comes from British Museum’s Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman exhibition. The image used on the badge is a small detail from the poster Perry produced for the exhibition. It shows Grayson Perry’s personal deity - his childhood Teddy Bear Alan Measles- at a shrine. You can see some votive offerings to the Teddy Bear god arranged by his feet. 


Shannnam: Fragmented Chronicles Ring


This is adorable


This is adorable

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